Warne Find DJ Girlfriend

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It seems that Shane Warne has found a new girl friend in the form of Emily Scott who is a world renowned disc jockey.

There had been rumours since the past few weeks that a new girl had come into the life of the Australian legend, but, there was no clarity over the name of the girl. Now that Warne has been photographed publicly with Scott, there is no suspicion at all.

However, Warne is yet to make his relationship status with Scott official. He hasn’t said anything to the media regarding that.

Scott is not the first hot female to have come close to Warne. Quite a few other good looking ladies including the famous model Elizabeth Hurley have got committed to the former Kangaroo player in the past.

Hurley was Warne’s girlfriend till last year actually. But, for some reason, she had to break up with him all of a sudden. Neither of the two publicly stated any reason behind their break up, but, if the sources are to be believed, Warne had started getting along with some other woman which got Hurley pissed off and she decided to move on.

Hurley and Warne were pretty much of the same age category. There was just a couple of years’ age difference with Hurley being the elder of the two. But, Warne’s new girlfriend is a lot younger than him. She is only 30 years of age at the moment which is 14 years lesser than Warne’s age. However, they were looking good together when they posed for the photographers the other day in an event in Melbourne.

Warne has been in a lot of controversies over the years because of his relationships. Let’s see if his relationship with Scott runs smoothly or not.