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One of the greatest batsmen of all times, Sunil Gavaskar, has said that the way Sachin Tendulkar has got out in the last two test matches against New Zealand; it’s not a good sign for him. On the second day of the second test match at Bengaluru, Sachin Tendulkar was clean bowled by Doug Bracewell when he was at 17. That was a good length delivery which nipped back after pitching in line of the off stump. Sachin tried to play it across the line and the ball went through his bat and pads to hit the stumps.

Sachin doesn’t get out like that too often. He generally has a very sound technique and he plays the ball with bat and pad together. But, in the last two test matches, he has struggled a bit against the New Zealand fast bowlers. His front foot is not going to the pitch of the ball and he is not playing the drives with fluency.

Sachin was clean bowled in the first test match as well. In that match also, the ball went through his bat and pads to rattle the stumps. As per Gavaskar, Sachin’s age has a lot to do with these kinds of dismissals. He is not young, he is 39 years of age now and his reflexes have become a bit slow.

Meanwhile, the former Indian captain, Sourav Ganguly, has said that Gavsakar’s statement has been taken in a wrong way. He didn’t mean to say that Sachin should retire from International cricket. He just said that it’s not a good thing to get out in that fashion regularly. As per Ganguly, Sachin is playing international cricket after a long time and he is not looking in touch due to the lack of match practice. He is a great player and he would not take much time to get back in form.

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